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Soft Landscaping

ESL Landscape Contractors has a vast experience in soft landscaping, starting with pricing from drawings, to site visits in order to ensure the most competitive quote, whilst working closely with the landscape architects and client.

We source stock from all over Europe from a number of our approved plant nursery partners. Trees up to 10 metres in height and weighing at several tonnes, or a vast array of shrubs, can be supplied and planted throughout the year.

The handling and care of our plants is of the highest priority, and we often use machinery and cranes in order to manoeuver our materials into place. All of our on-site operatives are fully trained and CSCS-carded, supported by highly experienced Contract Managers and staying in close contact with the site team to deliver a high standard of finish within each individual required timescale.

Contracts vary from £20,000 to £1.5m schemes and guarantee a high quality standard of maintenance.